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Executive Board

2016-17 Executive Board Meetings:

September 12, 2017 – RPEC Council Office, Olympia

December 5, 2017 – RPEC Council Office, Olympia

Executive Committee:

PRESIDENT: Kandy Kraig
VICE-PRESIDENT: Brenda Williams
TREASURER: Ken Williams
SECRETARY: Mary Marbles

District Board Members:

DISTRICT #1: Bob Bandarra (Ch. 6,7,8,37)
DISTRICT #2: Kenneth Turner (Ch. 25,27)
DISTRICT #3: Karol Hoffman (Ch. 13,14,29,32,39,44,45,48)
DISTRICT #4: Daniel Underwood (Ch. 11,15,16,21,36)
DISTRICT #5: Duane Thompson (Ch. 9,17,20,40)
DISTRICT #6: Michael Marston (Ch. 18,19,22,23,24)
DISTRICT #7: Nancy Heley (Ch. 2)
DISTRICT #8: Carol Dotlich (Ch. 1,10,12)
DISTRICT #9: Alma Jean Marion and Claude Burfect (Ch. 3,28,30,35,46)




  1. At the Chapter webpage, I can’t move the rightmost sidebars out of the way to read all of the listings.

    Some sidebars have an “x” command which when clicked causes the box to disappear temporarily.

  2. Chart on page changed to Excel sheet for download.